Ashwariya and Ben Kingsley Save Britain


Aishwarya and Krishna Kingsley

Rotten Tomatoes synopsizes The Last Legion like this:

“The Last Legion” is a fantasy action-adventure in the vein of “The Sword and the Stone” set against the fall of Rome and its last emperor, 12 year-old Romulus Augustus … He discovers instead “excaliburnus,” the legendary sword of Julius Caesar… (a)ided by the clever strategies of his teacher, Ambrosinus, and the heroic skills of his loyal legionnaire, Aurelius, Romulus escapes the island. Accompanied by his friends and a mysterious envoy from Constantinople [ed. ASH is in the house], Romulus travels to Britannia … and take his first steps to becoming a man and the king who would father a legend.

But Grumpy Old Uncles know the real deal … Yes, finally the mythic truth can be told. The Last Legion reveals the truth we’ve all long suspected …

INDIANS actually founded Britain with a combination of mad Kallaripayat skillz and ancient Vedic wizardry. NRI that you German ruled fellows.

Booyakkkasha padme hum diddly hum.

Aishwarya and Krishna KingsleyAsh plays lady warrior Mira — straight outta old skool Kerala — Matriarchy in the house.

In a reasonably charming children’s film fashion (which this movie clearly is — without anyone involved ever having acknowledged it) Mira whirls about with a band of rogueish characters … including uber-Romcom Brit, Mr Darcy, Colin Firth.

While Darcy seems to have misplaced his famous Christmas Jumper at the Turkey curry buffet, its homely knitted spirit hovers over this project.

Dyslexic name swapper Krishna Banji — is back again in druidic kahdhi — kicking it as Sir Ben Kingsley — aka Merlin.

What role can’t that talented proboscis sandwhiched between those ever growing
ears make his own. Here he whirls about as Merlin – in some scraps of Ian McClellan’s left-over beard floss.

There must have been a remnant sale at the THEATRICAL SIRs & Sons STORE.

Well long story short

… and direct video story short
… and all stars refused to do publicity story short
… and has been sitting on the shelf for two years story short

The Mallu Matador and the Krishna Magician …
… end Roman rule
… and bury the famous sword in the well-known stone

… just waiting for Arthur to come along shortly … or should I say Arshya. King Arthur to some, perhaps, Raja Arshya to those in the know.

The word Arshya means that which is from the Rishis – the great sages of ancient

India. They are the original of being in the know. There is no more know than what they are in.

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2 responses to “Ashwariya and Ben Kingsley Save Britain

  1. Esz

    I love the line work on her face – especially her eyes. They sparkle. The watery colours work well too. A very engaging illo – I like! 😀

  2. Thanks a ton … she is all about the eyes

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