Back and Grumpier than ever

After a hefty Sabbatical from blogging , I, the most esteemed, Grumpyji, am back. INSERT HERE: (smattering of sincere applause)
In my time away I was heavily involved with a sub-division of UNDP (United Nations Desi.door.darshan Programme) helping Ban-ki-ji Moon Moon deal with the general regional diasppointment at his Usurpation of Shashi Taroors bid for Secretary General (EssJi).

A spokesperson (yours truly, but I can’t confirm) for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the world to remember the pain and loss of the disaster, but at the same time expressed hope about the prospects for a return to normalcy in the affected regions. These being both follicular, concentrated on the Upper East Side, all future Sonny/Gita Mehta parties and also at Shashi’s mother’s house.

“Science (Vedic science of Vaastu Shastra) has shown that, after two decades, a return to normal life will be a realistic prospect for people living in the Tharoor-affected regions,” the spokesperson (hello again) said on behalf of the Secretary-General.

My work done at Banki-ji’s house of cards, I felt I coud return my attention to a Grumpy assessment of the press. What should greet my horrified eyes upon first perusing this weeks back log of NY times but to see that once again some young pup, who had his heart broken because the nice Indian girl down the hallway at Swarthmore or Columbia, is again wreaking journalistic vengeance upon the community.

They cant even let us have Spelling Bees. I kid you not : The actual headline is

Torn From Parents, a Top Speller Vents His Anger, Letter by Letter

Akeelah get a Bee and a teaful victory

Kunal gets caterpillar on his lip and a lot of typical time backchat about the ‘lush’ smells of indian cooking round his parents motel, how they don’t sit at the front desk so their dark faces don’t scare off the tourists and how generally disliked they are by their Utah neighbors. Kirk Johnson somehow manages to make it seem like it might just be the uppity Sahs fault … Im almost sympathetic as the Dad is some sort of VHP thug, but fearless boy reporter KJ manages to wander off that angle and into a general portrait of surly, dark faced bastards spelling for Anger while stinking up the joint with their cooking.


Oddly they have now excised the adjective ‘lush’ from their description of the cooking … I suspect Kirk got an in-office bitch slap from a desi colleague. Hope it stung.


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