The Manny Diaries: Perry Poppins’ Parasol

The Manny Diaries

Paul Giamatti is one very busy actor. His acclaimed performances in American Splendor , Sideways, The Illusionist and above all as Kenny “Pig Vomit” Rushton in The Lady in the Water catapaulted him from balding taciturn schlub to quirky “Oscar somewhere ahead” lead.

Now he’s going for the brass ring as a hard-bodied Screen Hunk. It’s an unexpected move — from an unexpected leading man – starring across from Scarlett Johansson (as intelligent eye candy), Laura Linney(as Ivy Educated) Alicia Keys (as the black best friend) and Chris Evans (as the gratuitous shirt lifter) in “The Manny Diaries” for the Weinstein Company.

Gia : The Story of a Supermatti

As he braced for his role, Paul Giamatti also faced the prospect of baring a lot of skin in a shirtless scene– flying with his Poppins carpetbag and parasol over Central Park.
“You know, it’s amazing what an impending midlife crisis and a slew of attractive co-stars – will do for your motivation,” Giamatti told Good Morning America’s Meredith Viera. “I figure I’ve got it coming. I’m never going to grow a chin. I’m bald so we know we got some excess testosterone in there. Let’s go give it a shot.”

A change of diet and plenty of exercise helped mold his body into shape.

“As actors the body is our instrument — and it will adapt to the needs of the tune you wanna play — if you feed it right and have Harvey Weinstein shell out for 24/7 personal training. –” Giamatti said. “– And I’ve got a lot of respect for that. It’s hard, though.”

Apparently, all that working out worked. Paul Gia-hottie!
The much anticipated big screen adaptation of former Marine and celebrity Manny – Perry “Poppins” Taylor’s book was written by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini.

The Manny Diaries” is the story of nine frantic months in the life of a young bodyguard impulsively hired to care for the neglected newborn son of a pampered pop star wife and her absentee wannabee rapstar husband.

As their marriage begins to disintegrate we follow the misadventures of the young manny, played by the fit and fabulous Paul Giamatti, amidst the tabloid glare of a Britney-esque hillbilly household. Things take a turn for the worse when the jealous husband returns demanding that the hunky boy Poppins be fired. Our Manny is out on the humid Florida streets and hurricane season is a-coming.
His fortunes change swiftly again as he’s swept up in the Manny-may-care lifestyle of a new set of celebrity employers – a handsome metrosexual English Movie star (think Jude Law) with a madcap international household: fetching fiancee, wicked ex-wife and a mischievous coterie of adorable young kids complete with posh accents and mommies prescriptions.
Hilarious hijinx ensue as the whole entourage dash from London to the East Village, from movie premieres to jetset parties. But can our fit, practically perfect in every way Manny — juggle the household, a romance, the press, his parrot headed parasol and a challenging daily ab routine with low-carb intake — all while teaching this fractured family how to love again?

The Manny Diaries Opens in Theaters Nationwide December 15th




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