Yes Virginia, there is a Macaca Clause!


Macaca re-brands to emphasize the width of its product rangeMcCaca logo

McCaca The Macaca cleverly Colonized antecedents cultural association (formerly Macaca Mulatta: Indian-derived Rhesus Macaques Samaj) has announced that it intends to spend $32million on re-branding aimed at emphasizing the width of its product range.

In an effort to be seen as more than just an accidental beachscape of Post-Colonial Detritus, the McCaca wants to re-position itself as a multi-product entity.

As part of the re-launch, an $11 million advertising campaign will be using the strap line “Macaca! — Booyakka!! Booyakka!!!“.

The advertising campaign will explain to consumers that the McCaca provides 160 different Bronx Science Valedictorian services, including Spelling Bee Tutorials, Bhangra Compilations, Kaavya Plagiarism Avoidance Workshops and a full range of Dravidian Skin Care products.

The new strap line will be carried on all the McCaca communication, including its web site, membership cards and direct mail.

The positioning will encourage the cross-selling of McCaca products, and the company’s call centers, located in sunny down town Burbank, have been given technology to enable them to sell and answer customer queries on all McCaca products. Call Center staff are given “intonation training” through a rigorous orientation including repeated viewing of Aishwarya Rai’s Sixty Minute interview and daily readings from the works of Nissim Ezekiel and RK Narayan.

Says CEO S.R. Sidarth ‘We think its important that as part of our re-branding at McCaca Inc. all our workers speak in that Sub-Continental voice that our clientele have come to so treasure and feel at home with. it’s part of our vision of the “Real America.”  Thats why we are pushing the “Macaca! — Booyakka!! Booyakka!!!” angle so hard — we want you to get all your chutney and a side order of soca. At McCaca Industries — you can rest assured — we DO monkey around.

“As soon as the Burbank Call Center is up we look forward to opening a Center here in Virginia … the Real Virginia … and yes Virginia, there is a Macaca Clause. We make all our employees sign it! Want to know what it is — send in that Resume. “



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3 responses to “Yes Virginia, there is a Macaca Clause!

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  2. Thats a brilliant pic…hahaha..

  3. What can I say //// Kabhi kabhi mere Photoshop mein khayal aata hain…

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