Paris Hilton: Sacrifice of the Ex-Virgin

Celebitchy reports: Paris Hilton says she’s going to be celibate for a year.. Quoting from a very readable interview in the Guardian.

“Hilton had previously said she wanted to be a mother by now, but she recently announced that, after being in relationships for all her adult life, she is going to stay boyfriendless and celibate for a year. Why? ‘Just because I want to. I feel I’m becoming stronger as a person …”

We were forced to revisit the last grumpy old Paris Hilton story that took the the gast to flabber ratio goes up a few notches . We are a very old Indian man … shocked is the very least of the words in our very old indian vocabulary. Full on Mad Mallu Malayalam (say it three times fast) director T.Rajeevnath was wooing Paris Hilton for a Mother Theresa bio-pic … rumor has it she is still considering the project … rumor has it she is preparing for the role with her new interest in homely virtues.

This certanly beats her other current interest … street corner hooking with Sister Nicky as reported in Mollygood We can only re-iterate the conventional wisdom which prizes the little Sisters of mercy over the little Sisters on the corner of La Cienaga and Trannyville.
This radical re-definition of celebrity celibacy clearly sets a trend … we think that re-virginzed socialtes world-wide will be sacrificed to dormant volcanoes globally. This of course would largely involve a luxury picnics (dont serve Cristal if Jay Z’s invited) on a lavaless mountain with no actual virgin chucking … maybe in Kulu Manali or other reputable holiday type honeymoon destination. sacrificial-paris.jpg



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8 responses to “Paris Hilton: Sacrifice of the Ex-Virgin

  1. Ha ha ho ho hee hee… oh… thank you, I needed a laugh!

  2. HahahahHAhHAhAHhaaaaaaa!!!!!! This is a true oxymoronic vision!

  3. Hilarious! I just ran into the other room to tell my husband and we are both laughing our asses off! Ironic and beautiful.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful painting. The likeness is so acurate, even with the casual style. Very nice illustration.

  5. ROFL -perfect imagery!

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