Early Peek at Naked Nude Natalie Portman … or is it

Naked Natalie Portman
click for larger image

Mollygood makes the very cogent point that all humans — irrespective of creed, bend or color — are at least slightly curious about the upcoming naked Natalie Portman in Goya’s Ghosts.

As a public service we provide the global community with their first glimpse of this historic sight.

Gentlemanly Jake Gyllenhaal is there with flowers —

Egotastic reveals today out the whole thing is utter nonsense and its a body double after all … later confirmed by our crack team of image analysis experts … that’s bloody Manet not Goya. Art Historians everywhere heave a sigh of relief. Portman Pervs heave sighs for entirely less admirable reasons.

Peruse the evidence of this shocking fakery and body doublage gone mad revealed below:

Clearly they’ve pasted them in from publicity shots …. Tricky Bastards!



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4 responses to “Early Peek at Naked Nude Natalie Portman … or is it

  1. Pingback: MollyGood

  2. Steven


    Is this painting for sale?


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