Portugal issues Wayne Rooney Commerative Crotch Stamp

Portugal’s national Sports Publishing House on Tuesday (July 4th) issued a commerative stamp in Lisbon as part of its efforts to promote the 2006 World Cup.

The 69 eurocents stamp, entitled ‘Wayne Rooney Portuguese Crotch Stamp’ commemorates the legendary ginger monkey’s freckled antics hopping up and down on the private bits of Ricardo Carvalho. In a classic example of payback stamping on portuguse crotch has earned Wayne Rooney his very own Portuguese crotch stamp. Now that’s one for the record books.


A spokesman for The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) said, ” While Senhor Rooney chooses to presently deny his clear mastery of the now famous Portugese Crotch Stamp, we in the FPF feel that an official tribute was needed fo such a historic move. In fact we use the very first stamp issued to send him a postcard from the semi-finals. He can put it on his …. Como se diz isso em inglês? … Refrigerator … and then he never has to deny the Rooney Portuguese Crotch Stamp — never no more … Verdade “

Following the suggestion of England mid-fielder Steven Gerrard to ” Not blame Rooney” the FPF has instead decided to proceed with this numismatic celebration of the red card gobsmackery visited on their favorite jug eared poison dwarf.

The issue limit of the stamp is set at 5,000. According to the publisher, it is the first World Cup stamps album authorized by the International Snarky Bastards Committee (ISBC).



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2 responses to “Portugal issues Wayne Rooney Commerative Crotch Stamp

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  2. The world cup is not far away. Bring it on.

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