Naomi Campbell: The Devil Wears Warhol

An All Weather Maid and PA Warning has been issued by the N.C.L.F. (Naomi Campbell Liberation Front)
Nine out of 10 maids agree Naomi will open a can of whup-ass on you — Don’t touch her jeans, chica … She will gnaw through the top of a Campbell’s Soup Can and beat you with the creamy contents.

Naomi Campbell will Opens a Can of Whup-Ass and she won’t run low on supplies — ’cause Naomi has an endless Old Mother-F**ker Hubbard cupboard full of Whupp ASS for this maid and the next maid … and the next … and the next

…’cause She’s Naomi – Bi-yotch — and this is her theme song:

That’s why Campbell soup is Mmmm Mmmmm *oops upside your head* Good

… some say the Devil Wear’s Prada … we say She wears Warhol.


She’s Back … with more Maids pressing more charges (via The Superficial)


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