They do it on purpose to make me Grumpier

To The New York Times:

You have once again misspelled Gandhi in your articles, this time in the plural and in a bit of reportage entitled ‘The Ascent of a Woman.’

You need to move the ‘h’ — as a political dynasty the spelling has always been Gandhi — never Ghandi. There is a minor argument that could be made for your spelling of Ghandi as accurate, in the early days of Indira’s marriage to Feroze – but this was certainly never the ‘dynastic’ spelling.

In my day the short and crispy youth were able to spell the names of World Leaders and Illustrious Figures, never mind the major papers of our great cities. Not that they, these youth, were spelling newspaper names, you understand, but that newspapers themselves also were full of capable and thoroughly sound spellers at all levels — management to chaiwallah. And not to say that this same aforementioned could not also spell any Newspaper’s Name that you asked lickety as a split.

You should also check with whoever has editorial/ fact-checking and also fundamental spelling responsibility — this is not the first time I’ve had to send this particular correction into the fine New York Times newspaper.  Do you enjoy such constant correction  and wrist slapping — if it is so check yourself for sado masochismistic tendencies to that direction.

Surely there must be a spell check adjustment that can be made to your shiny new software if this human error issue is continuing to be so recidivist. I don’t know why you good fellows are unable to catch these sort of things without the outside voluntary assistance of retired gentlemen with an Engineering Background (Dhanalakshimi College, CSE, ECE) such as myself.

I will close, as always,  with a Kural that will give you a most excellent guidance for future newspaperish and also editorial practice :
Ennenba eanai ezhuthenba ivvirendum kannenba vaazhum uyirkku

Letters and numbers are the two eyes of man ”
Yours truly



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