Michelle Rodriguez: Get out of Jail Free Card

Michelle Rodriguez is eminently grumpy.

Turns out grumpy plus fame pays off … She was set to serve a sixty day sentence and instead was in jail for 4 hours and 20 minutes. Check out MollyGood for all the juicy Jailbird to Freebird details and photos.
Michelle Rodriguez

People reports:

“Needless to say, our prosecutors are not happy about this,” says a spokesperson for the L.A. City Attorney’s office. “But the sheriffs have a policy to let some nonviolent offenders go early, in part due to jail overcrowding.”Rodriguez, 27, must perform 30 days of community service and is on two years probation.

The night of her release, the actress was spotted at the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel, and on Monday night at the Hollywood club Shag.

“Michelle’s happy with the way things turned out,” her friend, designer Anand Jon, tells PEOPLE. “She knows this wasn’t a literal get-out-of-jail-free card. Michelle’s taken responsibility for the past and now she’s ready to focus on her career.”

So you see, just when you thought the grumpy connection was somewhat nebulous — Mobile Mallu hair embarassment Mr. Anand Jon turns up sharing monopoly cards opinions.

This Anand Jon creature was famously described by one Miss Moonya Bhowmick (of Calcutta and California) as “a discount dusky Michael Hutchence without the benefit of self-asphyxiation.”

Interestingly Moonya and Michelle Rodriguez not only share a certain round faced, chin plucked beauty, but have also both done jail time. Also both … as previously noted extremely grumpy and given to scowling … also drinking and we mean more than a ladys glass. Trouble has been known to ensue.
We are reminded of the words of the great weaver-saint Tiruvalluvar:

“Friendship is not for jollity but for swift correction when needed”

michelle_rodriguez cup.jpg


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