The Let them Eat Cake Generation


If there was ever a reason to bring back the guillotine and start lopping fat overprivileged heads off of fat overfed necks Brandon Davis is it … with his evil, cackling sidekick nip flasher Paris H.

— Defamer dubs them the star of “the smash hit youth drama Greasy Heirs“.

Greasy Cake Eater



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4 responses to “The Let them Eat Cake Generation

  1. How supremely odd…

  2. You did great job depicting how gross they are! 😉 So true!

  3. okay, this linkler thing is makin’ me mad now. so I will post my comment again

    I have been cackling over this for 10 minutes. Riotous! Can we all watch that on pay-per-view.

  4. This is so, so funny! I happened to catch the snippet about these two and Lindsay Lohan while watching my guilty pleasure “The Soup” on E! Otherwise I wouldn’t have known about Brandon, but now I do! The “Grease” interpretation is hilarious!

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