W.W.K.D. (What Would Kali Do?)

thong 3

I’d be tempted to rage that this Raj Patel Thong enterprise is sacrilege — if my good friend Lady Dr. Radhima Balakrishtun hadn’t pointed out that sacrilege is a profoundly Abrahamic conceit. She is coming mostly from Kerala and so is full of insights on different different religious considerations, also with matriarchy and communism also. She is a most popular lady and is always giving advices whatever I or anybody is asking she is always saying yes.

What Would Kali Do? I’ll tell you Mr. Raj Raj Cleverboy — she’d rip your head off, drink your blood … wear your dismembered hands as unsightly jewwelry and generally cause mayem to your person. Then let them take you quickly as can be to G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital even — you think Dr. Radhima is going to fix you up? — send you on a merry way? — full of future thinging and thonging? Think again … She’s an Economist — Pee Hattch Dee– so you just sew your own head back on — with no hands! Who’s a clever fellow now?


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