Handbasket Express to Hell Freezing Over

RPTCollection3.jpgthong dont ask3.jpg

The internet is full of shock and awe material. The most recent example drawn to my grumpy attention is the Raj Patel Thong Collection. Bap re Heyy ma … who knew such things existed. What is thong? looks like what my Bapa used for scaring off Kauwas. I suspect it is not encouraging to health and welfare.

And speaking of health. As my good friend Lady Dr. Amita Uffi Nayar once said … "the yoot of today must be as we were in the earlier days before today, indeed before yesterday… short and crispy!" What to do? Dr. Uffi Nayar is coming
from very high family. Her father was renowned advocate in Coimbatore, which is the Manchester of Souh India also somethimes Detroit of south, or
Kongunad,, I am not remembering now which place.

In any case to this Mr. Sri. Raj Patel with his bong-thong collections I will give you a KURAL OF THE DAY to think on: When he is stubborn to announce separation, it will be futile to nourish any fond hope of re-union.

so think on that young Mr. Raj … also who are these Bobby Friction and Nihal characters — sound like goondas to me. Rememeber and recall … Short and Crispy wins the day!


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