I continue to get so Grumpy

Dear CBS Broadcasting:

In your Season 2 Episode 14 of Numb3rs you had the Doctor in the hospital identify the girl who died as Southeast Asian (Vietnam, Indochina etc.). You meant South Asian. You should watch that — its a common, but very silly error … and not one a doctor who was identifying a corpse by geographic region and somatic norm would make. Plus it annoys all your South Asian fans … which when you tote up mathletes, scientists, retired engineers and Navi Rawat fans is probably a sizeable demographic. And a loyal yet easily made grumpy one.

Keep up the good work … very much enjoy the show …and its positive message about science and the logic of the mind but you must factcheck your scripts more thoroughly. Thoroughness in work will lead to success.

As the great Tamilian Srinivas Ramanujan (Dr. Amita’s namesake no doubt) said “No number is never interesting”

Yours very truly,

Grumpy Old Indian Man

grumpy 4.jpg


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