I get so Grumpy …

To the New York Times Editors:

The article "In Internet Age, Writers Face Frontier Justice" By TOM ZELLER Jr Published: May 1, 2006 begins:

"WRITING last Monday at SepiaMutiny.com, a Web log dedicated to the Southeast Asian diaspora, a user called RC declared that "there is no scientific way to compare works of literature."

South Asian is what you meant — this is far from the first time Time the NY Times has made this mistake … and sadly far from the first time I have written in to correct it. It is no longer a simple, if unacceptably sloppy geographic mistake, but is of increasing importance as over the last decade South Asian has become an increasingly popular and popularly used term for people from the Subcontinent and its diaspora.

Its not where we lost a land war its where we outsource. Ask Thomas Friedman —

Yours Flatly,

G.O. I. M.grumpy world.jpg


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