There’s Something About Charlie Sheen

All work and no play makes Charlie a dull boy… But dull boys make very good copy …. as Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards go off script for their Celebrivorce.

Not for them the hushed tones of the PR hack statement — lifted from Brad And Jenn And Nick And Jessica: "This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other. We hope that you respect our privacy during this difficult time." No slow slippage as less savoury details emerge. Hell No – We have spousal abuse, porn addiction (gay and kiddie), prostitutes, drugs, expletive laden phone messages, restraining orders, 9-11 conspiracy theories, murder threats, and actual porn star murders.

In short … we have value for money


original shining



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2 responses to “There’s Something About Charlie Sheen

  1. I love how the poster looks like a bad movie poster from a 1996 post ‘Charlie Sheen is God’ faze and it could even be a movie directed by John Waters. What do you think?

  2. John Waters would be perfect … and this storyline has his name written all over it.

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