Tom & Katie have L. Ron’s pod baby

There can be no more profoundly convincing argument for the indefatigability of the ol skool polytheistic vibe than contemporary celebrity worship.

People love micro-devotions, local shrines, tales of hijinx, scandalous behavior and lessons learned from favorite deities. The pleasure only increases when trading your colection with fellow devotees. It's the pleasure of gossip with no local victims. Celebrities are so vastly overcompensated for the scrutiny — it's like low-fat schaudenfreude — the guilt calories simply melt away.

While the Abrahamic monotheisms wreak Huntington political havoc worldwide — everyone (who cares too) can get on board the insanity of closeted Tom Cruise and brain-washed Katie Holmes faking a pregnancy so their secret Scientology grown pod-baby can be silently birthed on Olympus.

I cant think of a contemporary anxiety that isn't somewhere embedded in the Tale of Team TomKat — united in the current parlance like many a RadhaKrishna before them

— May the gods bless little Suri Holmes-Cruise and long may she reign as the queen of all heavens.

or at least until Brangelina give birth to their Namibian Lion God.

Operation Baby Drop



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4 responses to “Tom & Katie have L. Ron’s pod baby

  1. This looks like one of those Christian poster from one of those weird churches that look more like malls in my home town of Colorado Springs, CO. They offer people with no direction Jesus and then ask for $200. Ain’t spirituality beautiful?

  2. Well Tom and Katie are certainly poster children for something …. I was thinking Matrix pod babies — but there is a spooky Church of the Unborn Child thing going on now that I look at it again … eeeek

  3. Ahhh
    The horror
    the horror

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