ABCD – American Born Condoleeza Desi

Condi Loves India … And India maybe might just have to love her back …
Is it just always true that it takes a sister to sort things out.

It should be near impossible for the Secretary of State of this bull-headed administration to be going over big in Momma Desh … but after decades of incomprehension and outdated imperial divide and rule strategies … Condi's clear-eyed, positive spin is bringing the blush of new romance to US India relations.

And I quote Secretary Rice:

"Our agreement with India is unique because India is unique. India is a democracy, where citizens of many ethnicities and faiths cooperate in peace and freedom. India's civilian government functions transparently and accountably. It is fighting terrorism and extremism, and it has a 30-year record of responsible behavior on nonproliferation matters

There are more than 2 million people of Indian origin in the United States, many of whom are U.S. citizens. More Indians study in our universities than students from any other nation. Our civilian nuclear agreement is a critical contribution to the stronger, more enduring partnership that we are building

…. As the nations of Asia continue their dramatic rise in a rapidly changing region, a thriving, democratic India will be a pillar of Asia's progress, shaping its development for decades. This is a future that America wants to share with India, and there is not a moment to lose."

Clearly the growth of the Indian American Community has also helped changed the imaginative landscape between the two countries — but this kind of love fest is gonna get Condi Nation's Bahu status.

Makes a certain kind of sense … Sonia can be the stay at home Bahu … and Condi can be the American Born Condolesi Bahu … suitcase full of civilian nuclear Tang® on her trips home to Ma.

Condi Rice sporting Spring's hottest look — the pro-nuke peacock sari
 American Born Condoleeza Desi

Beltway cool meets proliferation posh for this new take on a classic This is a glamorous, excessive look, gorged on extravagant pattern and flamboyant trims. Twisted and draped fabrics fall to the waist creating sultry backless shapes. Platform heels, curved-wedge shoes and sandals of gold chain puncture block-coloured looks of mocca, tan, sage and mushroom. Throw in a chain strapped leather bag full of congressional approval to finish this very current look.



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5 responses to “ABCD – American Born Condoleeza Desi

  1. condi loves india?! i dont think so!

  2. Really what do you think she’s feeling ? Its the most positive policy take on post Independence India I can think of from a Secretary of State … Im interested in why you think its not ?

  3. Qwerty Maniac

    I too cant get a hang on it… not possible IMO…

  4. This is an awesome blog. Keep it up!

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