Careful Where You ride your Scooter

Judas was framed — Now that we have finally gotten around to doing all the reading for Bible class, it turns out Jesus wanted Judas to turn him in to the authorities the whole time.

The Gospel of Judas, recovered from ancient Coptic fragments, shows the whole 'betrayal' was part of the big plan the entire time. A very gangsta rap approach to godhood — Jesus needed to do the serious time to establish his street cred.

The crucifixion thing had to happen so he could get his god on.  Biggy Tupac on Calvary.  And Judas got stuck with the dirty work — I think that's the new definition of a thankless job.

Years roll by and everybody's still talking trash about Judas … turns out he was just following the game plan of the winner of the the ultimate American Idol contest.

The lesson Scooter Libby learned is: If you leak the information, 'cause the Bossman told you to — it's the Bossman's fault. Say it Loud .. say it Proud … say it to Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald.

That's the way the Gospel crumbles.

Scooter's improving on the Judas model — from the 'Buck Stops Here' to "Excuse Me Mr. President I think buck is yours' in record time. 

No two millenia delay while his name gets dragged through the muck. He's already an adult named Scooter — insult to injury has its limits.

As rumors of more cabinet shuffling abound — Beltway pundits are wondering if Jesus is gonna be able to hold onto his post as Dubbya's favorite philosopher?




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2 responses to “Careful Where You ride your Scooter

  1. Highlights of the article, ‘very gangsta rap approach to godhood.’

  2. Thanks ..writing is hard …pictures are easy.

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