We gonna Turn This Mother out …

Just when you thought it couldn't get any Kali Yuggier — the gast to flabber ratio goes up a few notches more.


Award-winning Malayalam director T.Rajeevnath is wooing Paris Hilton for his Mother Theresa bio pic. And they say Mallus have no sense of humor. The Black Hole of Calcutta jokes alone should be well worth the price of admission.

The prospect of this film is certain to make Christopher Hitchens chortle into his whisky and soda … his book 'The Missionary Position' famously took Mother T. to bits for her consorting with despots, accepting dirty money, and providing inadequate care for the poor.

Well pay back is a … well apparently … its an heiress.

Mother Paris Does Calcutta



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2 responses to “We gonna Turn This Mother out …

  1. Hah… this is quite cool….. thank you

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