The Best Laid Plans of Condi Rice

Rice Faces Hard Sell With Congress On U.S.-India Nuclear Deal

Highly recommended article over at Free Internet Press on the background to the US India Nuclear Deal — and the difficulties both for Congress and Parliament with the consequences of Condi Rice’s well laid plans.

Parliament wonders if they are just trading dependency on oil for dependency on nuclear fuels … Congress frets about the Bush administration once again, just as with Iraq, not consulting them.

Its a fascinating take, based on extensive behind the scenes interviews, on the political machinations needed to broker this (possibly) breakthrough agreement — and now we wait to see what form the agreement will finally takes — when the dust settles from both legislative bodies and we land somewhere between ‘an act of statesmanship and an act of faith.’
What will happen



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  1. Why wasn’t I invited to the party?

  2. You were on the list plus one … Everyone was asking for you …

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