Naomi Campbell: Armed and Dangerous

Naomi Campbell on hold after a bad call

WHAT is it about celebrities, New York and phones? Model Naomi Campbell has been charged with second-degree assault after allegedly hitting her housekeeper in the head with a phone in her Park Avenue apartment. This is the third or fourth time she's been accused of assaulting someone with a phone — putting her at the head of a growing pack of celebrity phone beaters including Russell Crowe and Foxy Brown.

Add the folks hacking Paris Hilton's cell — or using their own to get undercover shots of Kate Moss cocaine hijinx — Im thinking land lines are the last bastion of privacy when not-tapped by Dubbya and Company.

But Back to Miss Campbell — Co-starring with Sushmita Sen in the upcoming 'Karma, Confessions and Holi" and known world-wide as the Nayonika Chatterjee of UK –and indeed and furthermore the fake-name inspiration for many a dusky call-center "Naomi." So she has done some good works.

Still and all we consider this an abuse of mobile technology — and not a good example, but contrarily a very very bad example for the yoot of today.

Please Hold the Phone


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